eye to eye



art is a manifestation of emotion, and emotion speaks a language that all may understand.

"dalì, magritte, mirò - surrealismus in paris" 2.10.2011 - 29.1.2012 @ www.fondationbeyeler.ch


jeu d'enfant

i want to dress up like a babygirl and play with a white poney!

lifelong beauty

for lifelong beauty à la ines de la fressange:

* be well-groomed.
* smell nice.
* look after your teeth. have them professionally cleaned every six months.
* smile.
* be indulgent.
* be nonchalant and forget your age.
* be cooler and more easy-going.
* be less selfish.
* be passionate about a man, a project, a house. it's an instant facelift.
* do only what suits you. the perfect zen attitude.
* accept that there will be bad days. and make the most of the good days!


ready steady go!



die liebe

"die liebe, o govinda, scheint mir vor allem die hauptsache zu sein. die welt zu durchschauen, sie zu erklären, sie zu verachten, mag grosser denker sache sein. mir aber liegt einzig daran, die welt lieben zu können, sie nicht zu verachten, sie und mich nicht zu hassen, sie und mich und alle wesen mit liebe und bewunderung und ehrfurcht betrachten zu können."

siddhartha, herman hesse




mousie, mousie
where is your little housie?
here is the door
under the floor,
said mousie-mousie

mousie, mousie
may i come into your housie?
you can't get in
you have to be thin,
said mousie-mousie

mousie, mousie
won't you come out of your housie?
i'm sorry to say
i'm busy all day,
said mousie-mousie


big sister

island 6 @ www.scope-art.com