greatness isn't easy to live with

i'm now a proud owner of a pair of prada-creepers in black! www.prada.com

mermaid hair

http://erithemermaid.blogspot.com/ by eri wakiyama

i don't care what other people say, i'm going to love you anyway

riding couple 1907, kandinsky

out and about

i had a chat with alexa in prada in ny! this is the outfit she was wearing and of course she looked very cute. but i wanted to steal her basket.

all eyes on you


the tale of a fairy

"vivienne's a fairy's name. fairies are neither boy nor girl."


cat's eye

"sunglasses give people a sense of anonymity - an ability to hide and yet be seen. it's easy to get obsessive over them" current british vogue

mischief again!

story by enid blyton, photographs by paul kaye

agreements of collaboration

www.jocjonjosch.com/ www.galeriewertheimer.ch



eye spy